Thoughts on Qik

Qik is a website for streaming video from cameras. Nice. Another way to compromise privacy. Or show cool stuff to friends. Well, they’re in beta, so I’ll give them some slack, but here is where it doesn’t get it quite right yet:

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Scripting Bluetooth transfers to my phone

Want to send the latest podcast, or movie, or whatever, to your phone – automatically – and find it there, waiting, in the morning? And whatever software you are using doesn’t quite do it? Here’s the trick (for Linux):

let dp1=$(date +%d)+1
curl$(date +%Y/%m/%d)/${dp1}frontpage-p.mp3 \
-o nyt-frontpage.mp3 && obexftp -b 00:11:22:33:44:55 \
-p nyt-frontpage.mp3 && rm -f nyt-frontpage.mp3

where 00:11:22:33:44:55 is the BT address (which you can find, for instance, if you already connected using (KDE) GUI tools at /var/lib/bluetooth/names).

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