Cingular/AT&T N75, firmware, and A2DP

I’ve had the Nokia N75 since July, and bought a Motorola HT 820 bluetooth headset as well. Sound was crappy, though, and the audio controls did not work: indication that the A2DP profile wasn’t working, but you never know – it could be a Motorola-Nokia incompatibility. Well, I found a clear explanation on how to upgrade the firmware on the N75 (essentially, ask AT&T for an unlock code, then follow the instructions here). And lo and behold – it worked just fine, in nice stereo, and not too bad, either. I now have bluetooth stereo on my cell phone. Now if I could only find a second battery, I would be happy… (Note: the bluetooth radio in at least one of my devices is fairly weak – with the phone in my leg pocket, calf height, and the headset on my head, sound can come and go. With the phone in my jacket pocket, everything works well.)

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