Command line antics for VMware Server…

something in my vmware server setup at home is malfunctioning – I cannot
reliably get to the web interface. There used to be a command line interface,
but they totally changed that between VM server 1.0 and 2.0….

… but it is there: so here, for my memory and your enlightenment, what I
succeeded in doing:

sudo vmware-vimsh -r -e “hostsvc/connect localhost 902; hostsvc/login; ”

(you need to do this as root, since it uses an SSL key that is stored in a
root-only directory under /etc/vmware)

You now are at some sort of shell. Documentation is at

I wanted to create a snapshot of one of my VMs. So:

[/]$ hostsvc/login vilhuber XXXXXXX
[/]$ vmsvc/snapshot.create
Insufficient arguments.
Usage: snapshot.create vmid [snapshotName] [snapshotDescription] [includeMemory]
Creates a snapshot for the vm.
[/]$ vmsvc/getallvms
[/]$ vmsvc/snapshot.create 256
Create Snapshot:
[/]$ vmsvc/message 256
No message.
[/]$ vmsvc/get.snapshotinfo 256
(vim.vm.SnapshotInfo) {
   dynamicType = <unset>,
   currentSnapshot = 'vim.vm.Snapshot:256-snapshot-14',
   rootSnapshotList = (vim.vm.SnapshotTree) [
      (vim.vm.SnapshotTree) {
         dynamicType = <unset>,
         snapshot = 'vim.vm.Snapshot:256-snapshot-14',
         vm = 'vim.VirtualMachine:256',
         name = "VMware Server Undopoint",
         description = "",
         createTime = "2010-01-29T14:07:42.280165-05:00",
         state = "poweredOff",
         quiesced = false,
         backupManifest = <unset>,
         replaySupported = false,


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