Favorite N800 apps – since I am re-installing…

For some reason, the network scan on the N800 with diablo is failing, so I am back to reinstalling it (from scratch, just to be safe). So here is the list of additional apps I have (based on the menus – a separate list will be attached based on ‘dpkg –list’ – but of course, I can’t get it off right now)

  • Internet: Maemo Mapper, Gizmo5, Skype, Pidgin
  • Multimedia: Mplayer, Streamtuner, Media player (default), Images (default), Media Streamer, Canola
  • Games: Numpty Physics, Blocks, Mypaint, Mahjong (sic), Marbles, Icebreaker, FindMine, Chess, Blobby Volley
  • Office: PDF reader, Evince, Password Safe, Gnumeric Spreadsheet (needs extras-devel), Contacts, Xournal
  • Utilities: File Manager, Calculator, Sketch, X Terminal, Wifiinfo, Clock, Notes, Search, Grsync, Map, USBControl
  • Extras: mCalendar, fring
  • Other utilities: OMWeather


  1. Lars - 6 October 2008 @ 18:44

    Flashing the tablet from Linux is described here: http://wiki.maemo.org/Updating_the_tablet_firmware#Flashing_on_Linux

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