First week experience with Fedora 15

Not quite as smooth as openSUSE as a desktop experience. Many things just work on SUSE – just not the touch screen – scanner, printer, etc. are all easier to configure (or so it seems for a Fedora but not Gnome newbie). Both SUSE and Ubuntu have done MUCH more integration (by default anyway) of desktop configuration settings.

Also, SUSE has the buildservice, and I have gotten used to having semi-official advanced repositories of many of the opensource apps – the latest Firefox/Thunderbird/Libreoffice etc. as soon as they are released – an easy way to get latest R/octave/etc. statistical apps – all there on the very active buildservice community. This seems much more haphazard on Fedora.

Other niggling things are the desktop experience itself. I was used to openSUSE (11.3) coming out of hibernation REALLY fast, including the network discovery process. Not so on Fedora 15. It takes quite a while for the network to find its known Wifi connections. On openSUSE, the network is up almost as soon as I can login.

I might decide to switch my desktop back to openSUSE – I have multiple disks to boot from, so I can simply upgrade my existing openSUSE 11.3 to 11.4 and work there. I’ll leave the laptop on Fedora, simply because I love the touch screen – and on a single screen, Gnome 3.0 actually works reasonably well…


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