Getting the S3970 to work…

Cannot access the management card M3291. I flashed the card bios, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Turns out that the motherboard is running FW 1.01. Latest is higher, and explicitly fixes some management card problems. Spent an hour trying to figure out how to flash a bios without a floppy drive… still not as easy as it should be – can’t they simply offer bootable CDROMs to download, or a standard way to make USB drives bootable?

I ended up

  • using the floppy image that comes with the SUSE RPM “dosbootdisk”
  • mounting it with mount -o loop floppy mount/
  • unzipping the Tyan code onto mount/
  • burning the floppy image as boot image to a CDROM

Finding out that the BMC is not working: 1 hour. Figuring out the floppy thing: 1 hour… sigh… experience is being gathered…

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