Installing OpenSUSE 11.1 on Lenovo X200 Tablet

  • Used network boot to get into the installer (no DVD with the X200, hit F12 at bootup)
  • Booted just fine, went fine until the partitioner kicked in
  • Allowed me to shrink the NTFS Vista partition, but…
  • … couldn’t work with the resulting partition
  • Rebooted several times, ended up deleting the new extended partition, rebooting, then creating all from scratch again. Not certain what went wrong there
  • Configured a default KDE 3.5 desktop, installation (from local repository) took about 20 minutes.
  • Rebooted, with the following result:
    • Screen set up at 60Hz/1280×800
    • Mouse works
    • Sound works, including hardware buttons
    • Brightness buttons work, but no OSD
    • Touchscreen does NOT work out of the box – but I chose automatic configuration, may be related.
    • Wireless works (although openSUSE still uses the braindead (KDE) network manager – the Ubuntu (Gnome) version is much more user friendly)

    I’ll post on further progress..


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