Installing OpenSUSE 11.1 on Lenovo X200T , part 2

  • Tablet works: on my tablet, the digitizer is not at /dev/ttyS0, but at /dev/ttyS4. Changing that in Sax2 or /etc/X11/xorg.conf works
  • The onscreen keyboard (xvkbd) does not seem to work. It reacts on the pen, but doesn’t do anything.
  • Rotation doesn’t work out of the box. XRandR will flip the screen, but not rotate it by 90 degrees.
  • The fingerprint reader was not detected by the setup program. I’ll have to port my mods from my X61 tablet.
  • Booting is not silent (i.e., no bootsplash). For one, this is because the mkinitrd does not recognize the non-standard (1280×800) layout. But even after fixing the script (the bootsplash gets put into the initrd), no splash. I’m guessing, that change is not enough. I’ll have to dig through…


  1. Lars - 4 June 2009 @ 13:30

    Thanks to for figuring out the initial vga modes.

    But so far:

    • No bluetooth working – do not know why
    • No fingerprint working
    • No 90 degree rotation working

    I’ll have to figure out these things…

  2. Lars - 5 June 2009 @ 08:38

    Well, some progress:

    • The screen rotation by 90 degrees did not work, because the Virtual screen that XRandR requires was set to x1200 – so 800×1280 does not work! Simply changing that in /etc/X11/xorg.conf worked – it now rotates just fine
    • Then need to reconfigure touch screen on rotated screen. Links here didn’t quite work:
    • thanks to, I figured out why the screen rotation wasn’t working: display/authority weren’t known to the ACPI script. A simplified version of that user’s script works now. Need to generalize it to work for non-root, but the principle is there

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