Installing openSUSE 11.1 on Lenovo X200T: Part 3 (bluetooth)

This is actually (apparently) not specific to my install: but bluetooth in KDE 3.5 is broken (note the condition here: it works on the command line, but not in KDE 3.5). I guess KDE 3 is “officially” orphaned – at least that’s what some of the (very useless) comments in the openSUSE forums/bug database imply.

Anyway, the solution that worked for me is this one:

Just add the two bluez3 repositories, restart bluetooth, restart kbluetooth, and all of a sudden, I was up and running with bluetooth.

It is sad that bluetooth in KDE 4 does not quite work, but bluetooth in KDE 3.5 is broken. What a way to get people to use Linux… Imagine if MS had given up on bluetooth in Windows 2000 and said ” wait till Windows 7 for it to work again” …

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