New toy…

I finally got my new Lenovo X60s (after some significant delays in the Lenovo ordering process – don’t believe the ‘we will ship in 5-7 days‘…). Went to an internet café, downloaded some important files (like PuTTY, WinSCP, VMware Player, and NX), then popped in the SUSE 10.1 DVD. Configured it all. Works. Wow.
Here are some important links:

  • Thinkwiki on X60s
  • A site that recently also installed SUSE 10.1 on the X60s (and I can confirm all)
  • Emperorlinux’s tools (I almost bought the X60s from them, but after rebates and all, they were nearly $800 more expensive…)

What works out of the box:

  • Hibernation
  • Sound
  • Most buttons

What seems to be working (but not tried):

  • Wireless (needed to install the additional ipw3945d package)
  • Bluetooth
  • Suspend to RAM

What doesn’t (yet):

  • SD card (but it can, needs patch)
  • Biometric scanner (but it can, needs patch)


  1. Lars - 26 July 2006 @ 19:48

    May need to re-enable the Thinkvantage partition. See

  2. Lars - 26 July 2006 @ 20:24

  3. Lars - 26 July 2006 @ 20:25

  4. Lars - 27 July 2006 @ 15:00

    The VMware tips worked. Now to re-enable the Thinkvantage partition. However, when pressing the Thinkvantage button during boot, a boot menu is offered, which successfully boots the Thinkvantage partition. However, it is a bit convoluted, so I’ll use the Grub config mentioned earlier.

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