Slimserver 7 … er.. Squeezecenter 7… er no, Squeezecenter 7.1

The Slimserver/Squeezecenter software has in the past been really easy to install. Get the RPM, pop it into your favorite RPM distribution, and run. Only problem way back when were start-up scripts – to run under SuSE, you had to trawl the forums a bit, or hack yourself a proper init script, because that was different from RedHat.

Now that they have rewritten themselves a nice web interface, changed the name, and because of all of that upped the version, they have ALSO messed up the install procedure. The default download for RPMs is 7.0, but it has incompatibilities with Perl and possibly mysql as well. Now admittedly, you can’t really layer too many packaging systems – what with CPAN and RPM. But you can make your RPM depend explicitly on a particular version of Perl – to wit, Squeezecenter 7.0 does not work with Perl 5.10 – this should really be coded into the 7.0 RPM and save users a LOT of time. And if you do provide a script that fixes some of the Perl/CPAN incompatibilities between the version you provide and the version the OS provides, then have it REALLY fix the issues.

Ultimately, the forums did have all the answers (“remove this file”, “run 7.1”), but if you need the forums to install an RPM, what’s the point of an RPM?


  1. Lars - 23 June 2008 @ 07:33

  2. Lars - 30 June 2008 @ 22:46

    Did I mention that I ultimately converted back to my ancient SuSE 10.0 machine running the last 6.5x version of Slimserver? It just works…

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