Stuff on the OLPC

Got the two OLPC laptops. Not going to post pictures here – they all look the same. Modifications made immediately, and results:

  • Gave them a fixed DHCP address on the router. Didn’t work – they seem to choose different MAC addresses – the different antennae?
  • Set root password, so I could log in remotely using SSH.
  • Added Activities. Not all of them work. Using the GUI to remove them ALSO doesn’t always work – go to /home/olpc/Activities and remove them manually. I’ll start removing them as they turn out to be “bad” or unused.
  • Installed Flash and removed Click2Play. Mostly works.
  • Still need to install MP3 capability, but has not been missed so far.
  • Installed remote access so I can help (mostly) and monitor (not yet necessary). Note that I pulled the latest packages from different locations:


  1. Lars - 1 February 2008 @ 10:06

    Then to run it:

    ssh root@olpc
    su – olpc
    export DISPLAY=:0
    x11vnc -ncache 10

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