Support by Canadian Economics Association for researchers impacted by Trump’s travel ban: “The Canadian…

Support by Canadian Economics Association for researchers impacted by Trump's travel ban:
"The Canadian Economics Association is aware that that some members of the Canadian economic profession have been seriously impacted by the recent U.S. executive order barring citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. For example, some students will not be able to consider job market prospects at U.S. universities or conduct research in the U.S. during the ban. Members of the CEA Executive Council have been discussing measures that the Association can take to help ease the stress brought on by this action. Regarding the upcoming CEA conference, we will make the following two changes:

1. For international scholars who have been affected by the executive order, the deadline to submit papers to the 2017 CEA meetings in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, will be extended until February 17, 2017. For submission information, see

2. People who are unable to leave the US because of the executive order will be able to present and discuss papers at the 2017 CEA meetings via Skype.

Also, the CEA is happy to distribute information, through its email network and website, on any initiatives that individual departments or universities are taking in response to this situation, for example, extending application deadlines. To submit a message, please contact Vivian Tran at

We realize these are only small measures at this time but we will continue to discuss other ways to ease this unexpected burden to some of our members from this executive order. Thank you. "

The 51st Annual Conference Conference of the Canadian Economics Association will be held Friday June 2nd to Sunday June 4th, 2017, at Nova Scotia’s St Francis Xavier University, under two hours by conference shuttle from Halifax International Airport. Conference highlights include a gala lobster …

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