Upgrading old Android devices to Cyanogenmod – marvelous!

I recently upgraded my Samsung Galaxy Tab (the original one) from the Overcome Experience ROM to Cyanogenmod 10. I liked the Overcome Experience – but the tablet was slow as molasses. That may be due to app creep, but I thought I’d give the “Project Butter” experience from Android Jelly Bean a try. I went with stock Cyanogenmod 10, rather than derivatives, because of the simplicity of doing so. And: it works like a *charm*. Fast. and the full (phone, I guess) Jelly Bean experience that I already have on the Asus TF300T and the Nexus 7 (neither of which runs Cyanogenmod, for now). Many thanks to the Cyanogenmod guys, and to the XDA folks who maintain “ROMs”, who between them make older devices work where the hardware manufacturers have abandoned them.

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  1. Lars - 22 February 2013 @ 10:44

    In the meantime, also updated my Galaxy S2 to Cyanogenmod 10.1 – the SD card still doesn’t work (any longer) – that seems to be a hardware failure. The camera is REALLY slow – forget about the software HDR, and taking flash pictures also fails (flash and camera are not properly synchronized because the camera is so slow). No solution yet. The CMUpdater was constantly running, but this http://forum.cyanogenmod.org/topic/61777-cm-updater-stuck-trying-download/#entry356351 solved it. Otherwise, it is one of the nicest interfaces I’ve seen, and very functional. If only the camera worked better.

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