Using Lenovo X1 Yoga with openSUSE Leap 42.1

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New Lenovo X1 Yoga Gen 1 (really nice machine). Originally installed openSUSE 13.2 (no Wifi, no touchscreen), then upgraded to Leap 42.1 (direct install did not work, blank screen). Previous device is Lenovo X220T with openSUSE 12.1 through 13.2, everything working with some custom scripts (I generally know what I’m doing).

Problem: Touchscreen does not work (pen or touch)

I have tried this with stock kernel from Leap 42.1 (kernel-default-4.1.15-8.1.x86_64), then tried a kernel from kernel:stable (kernel-default-4.4.1-4.1.g4dac1be.x86_64), results are (for touchscreen) the same.

Symptom: xinput and xsetwacom see the touch screen (see output at, but touch does not work, pen does not work. libwacom-list-local-devices sees devices, but reports DIFFERENTparameters (my emphasis at Everything looks fine to me, but nothing works.

I’ve tried toggling (from command line) touch parameters on/off, to no avail. Wacom calibration app (Gnome 3.16) crashes.

(otherwise, this is a nice device, everything else works out of the box)