HTC Backup sucks

I’ve had to reset two phones recently: the Samsung Galaxy S2 so I could repartition it, and the HTC One because the Mail app had stopped working (and nothing else seemed to work).

To backup the Samsung Galaxy S2 (rooted) I used the ‘nandroid backup’. Then, after having repartitioned the internal storage (see this post), I simply restored from that backup. Everything worked like a charm, including setup of the screens (pictures, layout of icons, etc.).

On the other hand, HTC comes with a native backup app – claims to backup settings and all.2014-05-07 12.55.45

Should be straightforward – see this post at HTC Canada. But: nothing worked. Not even the app re-install. No setting from any app was restored. Utter failure…

Really should simply root the phone right when it comes out of the box….


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