Momentous change: laptop goes from openSUSE 11.4 to Fedora 15

After 12 (?) years of running laptops with (open){SUSE,SuSE}, I’ve left that distro for Fedora 15. Why? Lenovo X220t touch screen didn’t work even with a couple of hours of fiddling with openSUSE 11.4, and then found a post (lost the URL) of folks noting that Fedora 15  worked just fine for them. (trick: install xorg-x11-wacom-devel).Bonus: it is better in sync with our current research environment, which was running openSUSE (and some SLES) when self-managed, but now is managed by CAC, and runs RHEL or CentOS-based ROCKS. So the laptop being on a Redhat-compatible system helps, too.

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