Modifying delay until voicemail kicks in on AT&T and Google Voice

Every time I change something on my AT&T plan, they kick back the voicemail. I don’t want the native AT&T voicemail – most people call me through my Vonage number, and I get transcriptions from there, etc. I also have a Google Voice number I don’t really use (for now), so I thought I might use that for those callers who happen to call my cell phone directly. Well, the GV instructions don’t change the operator delay when flipping the number, they only change the number.

Fear not, there are solutions for everything:

  • this post summarizes what needs to be done for AT&T in general
  • simply replace the number with the one provided by GV (under “Activate Google Voicemail on this phone”) into the string, and it works with GV (note that the command codes are slightly different between what GV tells you and what the AT&T post tells you, but both seem to work).
  • The AT&T reference for activating and deactivating these codes is here.

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